Mistress Asha

Mistress AshaMistress Asha

I corresponded with Mistress Asha via my pone web site for a while and after viewing some of her photos and talking with her, she for sure could use me as her face seat cushion with a mindset of just being an object. We have corresponded a few times and although she does not do very many real time activities but she has not said it is not possible. She also sent me this pic of her in pantyhose.. is she HOT or what!!!?

It is my hopes that I will also have a chance to someday endure for her as her face seat cushion. I don't know if this is an interest of hers or not, but she for sure is on my desired list of ladies who I would like to be made to endure as her seat cushion for hours and hours and hours!

Be sure to check out her web site and her members section.

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