Mistress Jean Bardot

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Mistress Jean BardotMistress Jean Bardot

As most know, I just LOVE the tall ladies. I usually like the medium built figures but Mistress Jean Bardot at 5' 10" 130 IS a HOT woman to me. Maybe it's part of meeting her and her wonderful personality, but just looking at her photos without knowing her I think I would still think the same.

I had seen her on the net and knew of her for a while but it wasn't until the Fetish Night at The Main Club in Superior, WI that I had a chance to meet her. Although I was giving pony rides, she didn't have time to take a ride but we did have a short conversation.

Although I know she does some fetish activities other than modeling, I am not sure if using a human Face Seat Cushion is an interest but I remain hopeful to experience her usage of me someday. I do know that with her thin build, it would not be an easy endurance and especially if any duration more than a few minutes... but I welcome the challenge and hope to be made to endure hours and hours under her. The satisfaction of knowing I endured for such and special woman would so be worth it!

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